Manufacturers & Suppliers of the Original Breeze Barrier

What is a Breeze Barrier?

Specialty Products Group International recognised the need to provide outside dining patrons with not only protection from the elements via the tough commercial grade promotional umbrellas they are famous for, but also a way of providing an easy, portable "barrier” that made customers feel like they were experiencing more than a meal served on a footpath!!

Designed for use in the booming Alfresco-dining trade, the product they began producing was the "Breeze Barrier”. This fantastic product creates an instant clearly designated comfort zone for customers on footpaths, malls, and events (indoor and outdoor) while at the same time providing the ultimate in long lasting HIGH profile branding!!

As a result the Breeze Barrier has become a common site and in fact more often a staple requirement along with tables, chairs and umbrellas throughout the many regions the Breeze Barrier have been introduced into including Australia,South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore and parts of Europe.

To meet the increasing demand for the "Breeze Barrier "and other core products Specialty Products Group International has opened a BRAND NEW CHINA FACTORY which will allow for not only a greatly increased production capacity, but also direct shipping from China . . . saving our clients BIG $$ and making the Breeze Barrier an easy choice for the addition to the marketing mix for beverage and food manufactures, cafes, restaurants, hotels, sporting clubs - - -the list is endless !

Many of the worlds largest company's have already embraced the "Breeze Barrier” as a must have marketing item and as we offer both standard screen printing and full digital printing we can replicate the strong imagery used in TV & print mediums on the "Breeze Barrier” providing the ability to literally . . . . "Take it to the streets” loud and clear!
Specialty Products Group International
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To provide exactly what the customer orders on or before the required date

Company Philosophy
We will produce products that will exceed the expectations of our customers.Our range of products will be of the highest quality possible.We will deliver our products on or before time.To meet all our expectations we will always strive to improve our : Service, Quality, Procedure's & Productivity.
Specialty Products Group International - Manufacturing Facilities
Xiamen - China Facility
These days many companies looking to create the illusion of providing a quality made product at the cheapest cost price would have you believe that they have their own "overseas” factory, when in reality they are at the mercy of a network of suppliers each with its own idea of acceptable product & service levels and each with the potential to seriously undermine your important requirements.

No such worry’s exists when you deal with us here at Specialty Products Group because we have invested in
our future . . .and yours with not only our long established Australia operation and recent South African and Italian agreements, but also with our very own production facility in mainland China.

This not only enables us to deliver to you at the very best possible value but also allows us to control all of the crucial components required to fulfil our commitment to you on timelines and quality.

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